Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's about nothing.....

NOTE: If you are actually reading this, please stop now….you’ll find nothing in here…pick your nose instead, you’ll find better things….

It’s been really looooooong I threw something in my lil trash here….I can’t say I had one of those “Writer’s  Block”, coz for that you need to be out  of new thoughts and u need to be a writer...I am no writer, and thinking is the only thing I do lately.

I’m having one of my good old Heavy electronics text moment now…I’m dying to GET OUT, and go for a walk or ride on my bike…But, fortunately, I managed to dislocate my shoulder  last day and going for a ride at 2 in the morning with slinged hand doesn’t seem  so welcoming. So here I’m sticking onto my bed...and here you are (if you are still reading), stuck with my trash.

I feel so numb at heart, you know doesn’t feel like doing anything…It’s very frustrating,  when you don’t feel like doing things that you once did so happily…As a matter of fact it’s been really long I met with happiness….I don’t quite remember the last time I laughed...

There are people dying every second of cancer....half a million homeless….even more without food, and I’m moaning here for not remembering my last laugh…WTF rite…

I’ll tell ya a story…Once, when I was a lil boy (well even littler than now), I kept this cat as my pet…I don’t quite remember the name I used to call him…I’ve been always bad at remembering names and dates…I used to take him everywhere I went…used to play with him…was with me all the time…he even curled around near my pillow while at night…and purred till dawn...One day, the neighbor’s kid came home and gave him some milk….The bowl was outside and the poor thing was finding it hard to keep up with hot sunny weather..so I went to move his bowl inside to the shade, but then, he growled and scratched my hand, when I again went near him…he pounded and bit me on my wrist….It started bleeding, and I was rushed to small dispensary nearby…when I came back home I saw him playing with the other kid…He never came back home…and soon, was out of the neighborhood.

I was really hurt that day, in every sense…for a 6 year old…who doesn’t even know the existence of a word ‘trust’ or ‘love’…it was a deep slash right across…

Even today, after realizing and understanding the instincts and behavior of a cat…I get this heaviness and tendency to stay away from cats…

You mite be wondering, why I told you this story…Well, keep wondering…I told you to go pick your nose, you didn’t listen….Anyway stay away from cats…the world is flooding with those….

It’s really sad and depressing that ppl tend to tie their happiness to something or someone….and that becomes their sole source of happiness….and by the time they realize their mistake, time would have done enough damage…..

I believe one need to be happy about oneself first….but, HOW ???

Stephen Hawkings, once said, When god gifted him Complete Paralysis, he dropped all his expectations to zero…now he is always happy…Even the smell of lil rose bud, carves a smile on his face….

Expect NOTHING…then ANYTHING will start to mean EVERYTHING…….

I’m gonna crash for the nite…..for those who didn’t picked their nose…and read my trash with no expectation…way to go…you’ll find happiness in every nook…;-)
Ba bye….

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Sandy said...

I read the whole thing! Now where's my quota of happiness? :P

Well, cats are known to be fickle animals. I had the good fortune of playing with little dogs when I was young. Those things are extremely faithful.

As for feeling like not doing anything, play games! It always cheers me up. :)